Barrier (Progress). 2018

Two days into the year I went into my basement with a fake plant to shoot some still lifes and get the dust off of my camera since I had the day off of work. About an hour later I found myself back here. My full box is still in the corner of the room. 

Stay. 2018

Mend. 2017

Myself vs. Time. 2016

Sometimes I wish I could stop time. I wanna go back and stay in the good memories I have and never leave. But time always changes, so we must, too.

Barrier. 2015

BFA Project

I put up a barrier all around me. I believe we all do sometimes and for various reasons. However, mine is constantly in use. It is unseen and you’d never know it’s there. I constructed this barrier because I constantly felt being pushed aside and unimportant from people who were important to me. This now prevents me from getting too close and involved with people.

My barrier works, but I’ve found that it works too well. Nobody knows the real me inside of this wall I put up, I am alone. The barrier that was once protecting me is now doing the exact opposite.


Misc. Self Portraits. 2015


Pieces of a Whole. 2015

35mm B&W silver darkroom prints.

OSU art open house showing. 2015

B&W silver darkroom prints.

Chemical spills. 2015

Darkroom chemicals dumped onto light sensitive paper and exposed after each contact. Chemicals include XTOL developer, Stop, Fix and selenium.

Connected. 2015

This pocket-sized convenience has become a necessity. We cannot live without it. We have to know who is doing what, who they are doing it with, where they’re doing it at, and more importantly, can I join?

   We are a social species, so it only makes sense we have created social media to connect us all in this digital age we live in. However from checking up on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tinder, Pinterest, Tumblr, Flickr, Vine, etc, we have been ignoring the social experience happening right in front of us. Between you and her, you and him- anyone in your physical presence.

   So which social experience do we actually prefer?

Proof of Life. 2015


Everyday we are exposed to information. Some of it we already know, and the rest is unfamiliar to us. As we seek knowledge on the unfamiliar, we start to understand it, and thus, learn.

    As I reflect on my current time as a student I’ve realized the amount of knowledge I have gained, particularly in my concentration of photography. Starting out I knew very little beyond my own digital camera. However over time I have come to comprehend new things such as advanced image making techniques, photographic history and understanding the language of light, among much more. I am not a master of these practices, but I am slowly gaining wisdom within my craft, and it shows.

    In my opinion, in order to live you must continue to learn. This is evidence that I am still living.

   Alleyway Series. 2014

When you begin to see differently, an alleyway becomes a natural frame. Very briefly, a connection is made between the pedestrian and the viewer. Then it is gone.